René Burri: Che Guevara Postcards

A unique collection of 20 postcards of the famous revolutionary.


Price: USD$19.95

  • A unique collection of 20 postcards of the famous revolutionary taken by one of the 20th century's most renowned photographers
  • Offers an insight into the man behind the image
  • Includes the most iconic photograph taken by Burri in Havana in 1963
  • Presented in a cigar box - an ideal gift for cigar aficionados
  • Includes single iconic images, contact sheets and sequences of photographs


About the book


About the author(s)
René Burri is one of the world's greatest living photographers. A member of the prestigious Magnum photo agency, Burri is a photographer whose warmth and egalitarianism have distinguished him from others, and afforded him unrivalled access to the major events and personalities of the last 50 years. A giant in the history of photography, Burri is admired and respected by his peers for his sympathetic eye and his ability to capture larger-than-life personalities on film.


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