The Photobook: A History Volume I

Volume 1 of a comprehensive illustrated history of the photo book.

Martin Parr and Gerry Badger


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  • Volume 1 of a comprehensive illustrated history of the photobook, featuring over 200 photobooks dating from the 19th century to the radical Japanese photobooks of the 1960s and 70s
  • Includes well-known publications such as Walker Evans' American Photographs (1938), alongside lesser-known but significant works such as Kikuji Kawada's The Map (1965)
  • Offers a fresh approach to photographic history, focusing on the development of photography in its published form and covers key artistic movements and epochs
  • Broadly thematic and chronological in structure, each chapter features an introductory essay followed by detailed captions alongside images of the photobook covers and spreads, which provide the central means of telling the history of the photobook


About the book

While the history of photography is a well-established canon, much less critical attention has been directed at the phenomenon of the photobook, which for many photographers is perhaps the most significant vehicle for the display of their work and the communication of their vision to a mass audience.

In the first of two volumes, both co-edited by Martin Parr and Gerry Badger, The Photobook provides a comprehensive overview of the development of the photobook: from its inception at the dawn of photography in the early nineteenth century through to the radical Japanese photobooks of the 1960s and 70s, by way of the Modernist and propaganda books of the 1930s and 40s.

The selection of photographers compiled by Badger and Parr challenges the popular canon, and their survey of the history of the photobook reveals a secret web of influence and inter-relationships between photographers and photographic movements around the world. The book is divided into a series of thematic and broadly chronological chapters; each features a general introductory text that offers background information and highlights the dominant political and artistic influences on the photobook in the relevant period, followed by more detailed discussion of the individual photobooks.

The chapter texts are followed by spreads and images from over 200 books, which provide the central means of telling the history of the photobook. Assimilated diligently by Parr and Badger, these illustrations show around 200 of the most artistically and culturally important photobooks featuring the cover or jacket and a selection of spreads.

In The Press
'Presents an intelligently critical, highly detailed, carefully considered and illustrated account of the most significant and influential publications of this kind to date...A bibliophile's treasure-trove destined to become the definitive work of reference...[The Photobook] breaks new ground, offering an object lesson on the whole evolution of the art of photography.' (The Art Newspaper)

'The most important contribution to the field since modern histories of photography began to appear in the early twentieth century...This book will become the cornerstone of research and scholarship in the field for the twenty-first century.' (Photo-Eye)

'The Photobook is not just desirable but essential.' (Village Voice)

About the author(s)

Martin Parr is arguably Britain's key contemporary photographer, with a unique point of view and unmistakable signature, and with a critical and popular following in the spheres of art, fashion and journalism. He has been widely published and internationally exhibited: he is very well known across Europe and becoming a major figure in the USA. Books of his photographs include Bad Weather, The Cost of Living (1991), Small World (1995), The Last Resort - Photographs of New Brighton (1997) and Think of England (2000). His first Boring Postcards book for Phaidon (1999) was a massive success, both in England and around the world.

Gerry Badger is a photo historian and critic. He regularly writes and lectures on photography and has curated a number of exhibitions. His published books include Collecting Photography (2003) and monographs on John Grossage and Stephen Shore, as well as Phaidon's 55s on Chris Killip (2001) and Eugène Atget (2001).


Architizer: A+ Awards 2015
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