Paradise Lost

Persia from Above

A unique archive of beautiful aerial photographs of Persia.

Georg Gerster with text by Maryam Sachs


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  • An enthralling photographic record of a fascinating country and culture by Georg Gerster (b.1928), the pioneer of aerial photography who has influenced every aerial photographer working today
  • Between 1976 and 1978, Gerster was given unusual permission to record the landscape of Iran, and the pictures included in this unique archive were gathered from over 100 different flights
  • The photographs depict key archaeological sites from the region, as well as rarely seen images of life in modern Iran, from ski resorts to densely packed cities
  • Offers unique access to a side of Iran that we rarely see Ð an extraordinary country, rich in natural and cultural beauty


About the author(s)

Georg Gerster is a pioneer of aerial photography. For over 40 years he has taken breathtaking pictures of mountains and deserts, coasts and lakes, spectacular archaeological sites and ancient monuments, agrarian and industrial landscapes in 111 countries on all continents, covering all types of territory from the Amazon to Antarctica. Based near Zurich, Switzerland, he also works as a journalist, and is a regular contributor to the Neue Zürcher Zeitung and National Geographic.

Maryam Sachs (b.1962) was born in Iran, and educated at the Sorbonne in Paris. She has a Masters in Economic Development from Columbia University, New York, and her books include the anthologies The Kiss and The Moon, The Wild Emperor (with her husband, designer Rolf Sachs) and the novel Sans te dire adieu. She lives in London.


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