Stunning contemporary photography from around the globe by Magnum photographers.

Magnum photographers


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About the book

In taking the temperature of the world's political and social climate, the photographers of Magnum offer us a vision of the world on the cusp of the beginning of the millennium. On the 50th anniversary of the founding of the legendary group, Magnum photo agency again addresses the world in an album of stunning contemporary photography from around the globe.

The period following the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 has seen the triumph of American capitalism at one extreme and the resurgence of ancient blood feuds at the other. In this major work, Magnum identifies individual points of human experience - north and south, east and west - engaging with the thrust of human history in different degrees: some photographers tackle dramatic events head-on in the traditional manner of the concerned photographer, others choose subjects and aesthetic viewpoints that are entirely personal.

The book is constructed around a sequence of photo essays and texts selected by photographers ranging from Henri Cartier-Bresson to Magnum's newest recruits. Many images have not previously been published. magnum° is introduced by historian, broadcaster and cultural commentator Michael Ignatieff.

As intellectually stimulating as the volume is aesthetically arresting, this album signifies a striking tour de force, celebrating the history of Magnum through an intensive retrospective on the recent history of our world.

In The Press
'Looking at the images in magnum°, it's not hard to see why some cultures believe that photography is stealing the soul. The sheer power is breathtaking: the pain and courage and sometimes joy that's caught and frozen in the eyes or the set of a jaw ... 'Magnum's work', says Michael Ignatieff in his brilliant introduction, 'stands for the belief that history exists, that the truth is not relative or perishable and that photography can contribute evidence in the memory against forgetting'. On the evidence of this heartbreakingly beautiful selection, it sometimes does.' (Independent)

'The advent of the 21st century has spawned numerous published retrospectives but the most interesting of the millennium-themed offerings is this book of photographs from the photographic group Magnum. magnum° is a visually stunning record of our age.' (Voyager)

'Highlighting the work of photographers who work for the Magnum agency, this book is a worthy tribute to their bravery and skill. Beautifully designed and printed, it will arrest the imagination long after other books of photographs have become sterile and dead.' (The Sunday Times)

'The compilation is not only remarkable for the range of talent it represents but for its startling scope ... it is truly a round the world journey that peeks into the nooks and crannies, horrors and highlights of a diverse and complex world and takes the temperature of our time.' (Picture)

'The sheer power is breathtaking … heartbreakingly beautiful.' (Independent)

'An excellent-value paperback … photographers here document even the worst world events of the past decade while affirming the genre’s vitality, importance and subliminal optimism. This rich, lucid book, rushing from colour to black and white, from American beach beauties to Beijing hunger strikers, is underlined by deep social and political purpose.' (Financial Times (UK & Ireland edition))

'The Magnum agency has provided house-room for a stream of some of the greatest photojournalists of our time, and this book … provides ample proof … a masterpiece pretty much everywhere you look.' (Guardian)

'Sometimes disturbing but always excellent, these offer a pictorial account of the last 50 years of the 20th century.' (The Sunday Tribune (Dublin))

About the author(s)
Historian, broadcaster and cultural commentator, Michael Ignatieff was born in Canada. He studied at Upper Canada College and Trinity College in Toronto, and at the universities of Harvard and Cambridge. Ignatieff's best-known books include The Russian Album (1988), the Booker Prize-nominated novel ScarTissue (1993), The Warrior's Honour (1999) and the acclaimed biography Isaiah Berlin: A Life (2000). Ignatieff is currently Director of the Carr Centre of Human Rights Policy at Harvard University.

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