Hindemith, Hartmann and Henze

The composers who dominated the mainstream development of German music.

Guy Rickards


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About the book

Twentieth-century German music has been characterized by its extreme diversity. A central mainstream has been dominated, however, by the work of Paul Hindemith (1895-1963), Karl Amadeus Hartmann (1905-63) and Hans Werner Henze (b. 1926). Born in different periods, and from different backgrounds, there are remarkable parallels between their careers.

This erudite book looks at how all three have nurtured their heritage by uniting the spirit of experiment with traditional German expression.

In The Press
'It is a beautifully produced volume. Rickards' text does a magnificent job in interweaving the lives of these composers against the background of the calamitous history of their homeland, using a good deal of material not otherwise available in English.' (London Magazine)

'As a series, Phaidon's 20th Century Composers has brought remarkable variety and a welter of information, both necessary and delightfully trivial. Intended both for the general reader and for the more enthusiatically musical...' (The Scotsman)

About the author(s)
Guy Rickards is a freelance writer on music. He contributes regularly to numerous publications including Gramophone, Contemporary Music Review, BBC Music Magazine and the Guardian.

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