Words Fail Me

An entertaining book about the nonsense at the heart of the English language.

Teresa Monachino


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About the book
This lively and informative new title was originally inspired by the author’s Italian mother and her struggles with the vagaries of the English language. Over the years the author has tried to correct her attempts and explain why the word she has chosen is incorrect, only to be baffled herself by the lack of logic within those explanations. English is full of contradictions and peculiarities, and hoodwinks us into believing one thing while meaning something quite different. In English, all is not what it seems and with this book the author has brought these illogical oddities to the fore.  Questions of spelling, pronunciation or the blatantly nonsensical are illustrated through clever visual representations that are created entirely through artfully manipulated typography. 

In The Press
'A book that gently subverts and questions the art of expression...filled with gentle humour and genuinely interesting anachronisms of the English language, all set in Monachino's immaculate typography.' (Design Week)

About the author(s)
Teresa Monachino is an award-winning designer and typographer. She studied at the Chelsea School of Art graduating in 1990. Teresa is best known for her typographic style, her work embracing many design disciplines from exhibition design and identity to books and packaging.

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