Words Fail Me

An entertaining book about the nonsense at the heart of the English language.

Teresa Monachino


Price: USD$12.95



  • A witty and amusing handbook to the contradictions and inconsistencies of the English language
  • With imaginative use of typography Words Fail Me highlights tricky words, inconsistent spellings, misleading pronunciation and other quirky characteristics of our mother tongue
  • Why is abbreviation such a long word? Does monosyllabic really need five syllables? Why is lisp so hard to say if you have one?
  • Did you know that the letters of HONESTLY can be rearranged to read ON THE SLY? A FUNERAL is also REAL FUN and SANTA can easily be turned into SATAN?
  • Perfect for crossword lovers, wordsmiths, designers and anyone with a fascination for words

In The Press
'A book that gently subverts and questions the art of expression...filled with gentle humour and genuinely interesting anachronisms of the English language, all set in Monachino's immaculate typography.' (Design Week)

About the author(s)
Teresa Monachino is an award-winning designer and typographer. She studied at the Chelsea School of Art graduating in 1990. Teresa is best known for her typographic style, her work embracing many design disciplines from exhibition design and identity to books and packaging.


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