The World We Made

Alex McKay's Story from 2050

Our planet’s environmental future is usually described in terms of doom and despair. But now, for the first time, The World We Made presents a credible, positive vision of our planet that is green, fair, connected and collaborative

Jonathon Porritt


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About the book
This is Alex McKay's story. It shows how the world could look in 2050, if we play our cards right. It's upbeat, dynamic – a world that works well for the vast majority of people.

Alex is a history teacher at Ashton Vale Community College, about to move schools, and challenged by the students to leave them with a parting gift: an account of how the world has changed since Alex became a teacher in the early 2020s.

Hence The World We Made. Part history, part personal memoir, Alex's story charts the key events, technology breakthroughs and lifestyle revolutions that make the world what it is in 2050.
  • A world in which 90% of our energy comes from renewable sources, and 30% of our electricity from solar power
  • A world in which standard IT devices are computing at the same rate as the human brain, and everyone loves their robots
  • A world in which nanotechnology, 3D printing and biomimicry have transformed manufacturing
  • A world in which personal genomics allow everyone to manage their own health, live longer and healthier, and die when they want to
  • A world in which there are still rich and poor, but the rich are poorer but happier, and the poor are richer in so many ways
Based on extensive factual research, leading environmentalist Jonathon Porritt describes a sustainable world that is prosperous, exciting and healthy. Invoking a future that has happened, Porritt’s indispensable vision captures a vibrant and dynamic planet that we can work towards achieving by acting right now. The World We Made takes concepts of sustainable development out of the theoretical, and makes them engaging, tangible and urgent, thereby leapfrogging increasingly polarized, environmental debates – and, importantly, offering a unique, upbeat and positive view of such debates.

At the back of the book, a follow-up section contains ideas and information on how we personally can effect change, with links to relevant organizations, people, initiatives and campaigns, a guide to further reading, a glossary of key terms and an index for easy navigation and reference.

All royalties from the sale of the book go to support the work of Forum for the Future, one of the world's leading non-profits working towards a sustainable future.

In The Press

"Jonathon Porritt's book dreams big, as if our future depends on it. And it does."—Richard Branson

"The futuristic look in The World We Made is a powerful reminder of the many global challenges we must address today if we want to create a sustainable and equitable planet in the near future. As a business leader, I am evermore convinced after reading The World We Made that building a sustainable future urgently requires collaboration, technological innovation, and a shift to sustainable lifestyles being commonplace, but above all it needs leadership."—Kees Kruythoff, president of Unilever North America

"Revealing the gift in the arms of the problem, Jonathon Porritt beautifully shows how your applied hope, fearless action, and relentless patience can turn the world we inhabit into the world we envision."—Amory Lovins, Founder and Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute

"Jonathon Porritt has, not for the first time, found both the facts and the spirit required for imagining a working future."—Bill McKibben, author of Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist

"In a world where doom and gloom surrounds us everywhere, Jonathon Porritt shows us that another future is possible? Jonathon is arguably more responsible for helping to create that positive future than anyone I know."—Jeffrey Hollender, Co-founder of Seventh Generation and Co-chair of Greenpeace US

"An optimistic story that depicts a world where things went right."—

About the author(s)
Jonathon Porritt has been a renowned figure in the world of sustainable development for the last 40 years. A former Director of Friends of the Earth, he is the founder director of Forum for the Future, and eminent commentator, author and broadcaster. He has been closely involved in developing the sustainability strategies for companies like Unilever, Nike, Pepsi, M&S, Telefonica and Carillion, and is an advisor to the Prince of Wales and many other leaders in the field.

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