What to Cook & How to Cook It

The ultimate step-by-step cookbook for beginners.

Jane Hornby


Price: USD$39.95



  • The ultimate step-by-step book for anyone who wants to cook their favourite meal to perfection, suitable for everyone from beginners to keen cooks
  • 100 clear and simple recipes for everyone’s favourite dishes, from spaghetti carbonara to the perfect roast chicken or prawn pad thai
  • Clearly illustrated with over 800 photographs showing the steps and ingredients for each recipe
  • From breakfasts and brunches to sharing plates, main courses and delicious desserts, the book creates the perfect repertoire for everyday cooking and entertaining


About the author(s)
Jane Hornby is an experienced food writer and cook, specializing in developing recipes for beginners. After training as a chef, she worked as Cookery Writer and Food Editor on the BBC's bestselling Good Food magazine for five years. The magazine is renowned for its clear, step-by-step style and for its totally foolproof recipes which are tested many times. She has also edited several of the BBC Good Food’s bestselling 101 recipe books.


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