The Palestinian Table

Authentic modern Middle Eastern home cooking – 150 delicious, easy-to-follow recipes inspired by three generations of family tradition

Reem Kassis


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Authentic modern Middle Eastern home cooking – 150 delicious, easy-to-follow recipes inspired by three generations of family tradition.

While interest in Middle Eastern cuisines has blossomed, the nuances and subtleties of Palestinian food are still relatively unexplored. In The Palestinian Table, Reem Kassis weaves a tapestry of personal anecdotes, local traditions, and historical context, sharing with home cooks her collection of nearly 150 delicious, easy-to-follow recipes that range from simple breakfasts and quick-to-prepare salads to celebratory dishes fit for a feast - giving rare insight into the heart of the Palestinian family kitchen.


Format: Hardback
Size: 189 x 246 mm (9 3/4 x 7 1/2 in)
Pages: 256 pp
Illustrations: 100 illustrations
ISBN: 9780714874968

Reem Kassis is a cook and a writer. Her love of food stems from an upbringing in a family revered for its cooks. From a very young age, she spent weekends in her grandmothers', mother's, and aunts' kitchens observing, learning, and soaking up everything there was to know about Palestinian cooking.

Nominated for 2018 James Beard Foundation Cookbook Award

"So many terrible cookbooks hit the market every month that it sometimes takes a while for the real gems to shine through. I've been hanging out with Jeremy Fox's On Vegetables since April and my love for it has only grown stronger. Its recipes read beautifully (cool melon and coconut milk curry, anyone?), look ravishing on the page and are an absolute doddle to turn into something delicious. (I've been putting Fox's strawberry sofrito sauce on everything for weeks now.) The book is oh-so 2017 in its celebration of green things rather than chunks of animal flesh. But it isn't didactic or moralistic in the slightest. Instead it's pragmatic and honest, and funny, too - like hanging with a laid-back NorCal surfer dude who just so happens to cook the best vegetarian food on earth."—The Sunday Times, Style magazine

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"We love that Fox prefaces this collection of exquisitely beautiful vegetarian dishes with a ludicrously decadent mayo-filled grilled cheese sandwich because the two are not mutually exclusive. For gourmets of all stripes, then."—The Guardian, Cook

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"Most [recipes] are as pleasingly simple to create as they are simply pleasing to the eye."—New York Times/T, The New York Times Style Magazine

"Jeremy Fox is at the top of his game with his debut cookbook, a new restaurant and another on the way."—WSJ Magazine

"It's a sign of a fine cookbook! I have turned the pages and have actually mused on presenting a dinner party, family dinner and afternoon tea using offerings from within these covers. It's not often that I am inspired to cook anything from review cookbooks, other than the odd recipe here and there, but The Palestinian Table ticked so many gastronomic boxes for me... An excellent and comprehensive introduction to some of the more popular dishes of this region of the Middle East. But it is more than that. The author, Reem Kassis, weaves warm narrative into those ingredients. One is invited to spend time in the kitchen with aunts and grandmothers. One can almost hear boasts of this recipe being better than that of the lady who lives near the market. One can almost smell roasting spices, and one wishes to linger and to enjoy good food and good company."—Mostly Food & Travel Journal

"The food you grow up with stays with you as an evocative reminder of home... The Palestinian Table has over 150 recipes, inspired by the women that [Reem] Kassis grew up learning from in the kitchen; there are the dips and salads that are a fundamental part of Middle Eastern food [...] and, of course, a great chapter on the succulent breads with which to eat them. There are lots of refreshing tomato based salads and brilliant sharing plates... Many recipes begin with an introduction about their significance or other personal anecdotes and the whole book is dotted with beautiful images - both of food and of daily life in Palestine."—A-Little-Bird.com

"It's been over ten years since I've last stood on that street where first-time author Reem Kassis' cookbook is taking me. It's an ode to her culinary heritage and family, covering the cornerstones of home cooking, street food, and celebrations—from rice dishes and lamb to yoghurt sauces, kubbehs, pies and salads. But it also spotlights less familiar recipes that I'm keen to try like fish with tahini and onion sauce with pine nuts, fried baba ghanouj, and a toasted bread pudding with cream and pistachios."—Pauliina Siniauer, Saveur Magazine

"Brings Middle-Eastern food alive for the home cook... Packed with wholesome cooking adapted to modern tastes. Tantalizing photography is broken up with scenes of Palestinian life in a tapestry of the local customs, context and anecdotes."—Waitrose Food Magazine

"Who will love it? Anyone interested in traditional home-cooked meals... What sort of food is it trying to get us cooking?... Palestinian food, and all the nuances flavours that entails. Reem [Kassis] wants us to see it as a distinct cuisine, rather than just as Middle Eastern food."—Belfast Telegraph

"Drawing on three generations of recipes and culinary wisdom from her own Palestinian family, Kassis expertly weaves this diaspora together in her debut cookbook... [A] thoughtful introduction to the region's cuisine."—Departures Online

"There's nothing better to cheer up a cold winter's day than warming colourful Middle Eastern food... Reem Kassis not only shares recipes, but personal anecdotes and local traditions too, adding context and warmth to the book."—Herfavfood.com

"In The Palestinian Table, cook and author Reem Kassis wrote about a subject close to her heart – her family, culture and food... The nearly 150 recipes are the next best thing to sharing a table with her family."—National Post/Postmedia

"In this beautifully wrought tome, first-time cookbook author Reem Kassis invites us into her home, to join her in the kitchen and to travel together to Palestine. Composed of more than 150 recipes inspired by 3 generations of family traditions, cultural anecdotes and striking photography, The Palestinian Table is a feast for the sense." —American Express Essentials

"Capturing three generations of one family's traditional cooking techniques, Reem Kassis promises easy, fail-proof recipes. The cultural anecdotes make for a wider appreciation of Middle Eastern culinary history. The book looks beautiful on the counter alongside homemade meals from its pages." —Fathom

"I'm really looking forward to The Palestinian Table by Reem Kassis." —Stella Parks, senior editor at Serious Eats and author of BraveTart: Iconic American Desserts

"[R[ichly rewarding... Thanks to one more daughter's labor of love, these recipes aren't going anywhere." —NPR Online

"[D]elightful... Takes you deep below the surface of the region to explore the sidelined technique, traditions, and recipes of the Palestinian kitchen. The recipes are lush and very easy to follow and are accompanied by engaging historical snippets of a food culture that's far too often lost in the shuffle." —UPROXX

"[A]s much a memoir as a cookbook." —PRI's The World

"Richly rewarding... Thanks to one more daughter's labor of love, these recipes aren't going anywhere." —NPR

"Having grown up in Jerusalem and moved to the US, here Kassis rediscovers her culture and identity through her mother's za'atar-filled flatbreads and crisp rice-stuffed chicken. A celebration of the flavours of Palestinian food, as well as the inspirational women in the author's family. Buy it for the knowledge and recipes of a community." —The Observer, Observer Food Monthly

"A gorgeous book for anyone who wants to explore Palestinian cuisine and add lots of delicious recipes to their arsenal." —Buzzfeed

"[A] meticulously researched debut cookbook... With most lacking a nuanced understanding about the daily lives of Palestinians, in Jerusalem and beyond, this book opens a meaningful door." —Travel + Leisure Online

"An indispensable guide for all those eager to taste Palestine, especially for those a bit too afraid to cook and need a helping hand." —Palestine Square

"Neither a history lesson nor an exercise in anthropological preservation, this book's appeal is found in the simplicity of cooking. It's like visiting Palestine and understanding every word on the street without an interpreter... Kassis makes you feel as if she lives around the corner, and you hope she invites you for dinner. If you don't get a call, however, you can just buy her book." —Christopher Kimball, Milk Street Magazine

"A beautiful book... Kassis has a very infectious, easy to read and fluid style. I enjoyed sitting in bed reading her stories and recipes. The photography is stunning, stone, wood, old world neutral colours, the shaded details of a cauliflower, the exquisite colours in a row of spring onions. There is nothing flashy here, like the food, which is all about home cooking and natural light. We are brought into the slow pace of life, shelling and peeling and chopping; a bevvy of aunts, grandmothers and family cooks with laughter and storytelling."—MiddleEasternEye.net

"Experience the unique and complex depth that makes up Palestinian cookery... Fusing food with national identity... [A] beautifully produced volume... The photography - stone, wood, old-world neutral colours, the shaded details of a cauliflower, the exquisite colours in a row of spring onions - is stunning."—Morning Star

"Three generations of family tradition are tapped into by Reem Kassis for her collection of 150 recipes and anecdotes from the Middle East." —Centurion

"[T]his book highlights a cuisine and culture that many of us are still learning about."—Publishers Weekly Online, Esther Dairiam, owner of Read It and Eat

"Packed with recipes adapted to suit all aspects of modern-day life. Yet they still retain traditional techniques and flavours... Approachable... Perfect for those who appreciate the simple pleasures of being in the kitchen and the enriching power of food."—FQmagazine.co.uk

"The Palestinian Table is not really a cookbook. It is a profoundly intimate and emotional tour de force into one of the world's most deeply complex cuisines told through the beautiful narration of author Reem Kassis... A powerhouse of emotion - Reem takes us on a deeply personal journey of how hope, culture, and connection are intertwined with the past, present and future."—FoodSheik.com

"With The Palestinian Table, Reem Kassis gracefully demonstrates the power of food to transcend the political divisions that are, too often, all we know of a place like Palestine. Reading and cooking from this essential book - a thoughtful collection of great recipes, historical and cultural insights, and beautiful photographs - will move you closer to understanding this complex, fascinating part of the world."—Anthony Bourdain

"Reem's cookbook is a joyful celebration of traditional Palestinian cooking written with so much love, integrity and context. A must have for the recipes as well as the writing and story-telling."—Bethany Kehdy, author of The Jewelled Kitchen, founder of Food Blogger Connect



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