Pork & Sons

Pork & Sons is the quintessential pork cookbook.

Stéphane Reynaud


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About the book

Pork & Sons is an authentic and intensely personal cookbook, presenting the reader with a multitude of ideas on how to cook fine and succulent pork, whilst giving a rare glimpse into a day in the life of a small family business in rural France. The recipes are wholesome and rustic, encapsulating the flavors and taste of a region.

As the author Stéphane Reynard delivers his recipes to us, he invites us to share his family's age-old passion for the pig and to celebrate the long delicious history between man and swine. Introducing to us, through evocative photographs, his grandfather, and a somewhat strange collection of other family members and workers on the farm in the mountainous Saint-Agrève, he creates a rich atmosphere and sense of ancestral tradition.

The 150 recipes are divided between thirteen chapters, including one on black pudding, one on sausages and one on ham. Each recipe is accompanied by an enticing photograph of the dish, and between each chapter there are photographs of the region, of the faces of the region and of their daily work, and further ingeniously hand-drawn illustrations of the pig itself in all manner of poses.

This is a colorful and vivid cookbook with a huge range of possible approaches to the selection, preparation and cooking of pork. It is an affectionate tribute to the pig, an acknowledgement of its sumptuous flavour, versatility as an appetizer or entrée, and great popularity around the world.

In The Press

"If you like all things porcine, this is the book for you... Enchanting, beautifully illustrated and photographed... [Reynaud] shares wholesome and rustic dishes that use every part of the pig, straight from the farmhouse kitchen."—Sainsburys' Magazine

"A masterclass on cooking succulent pork... Recipes are imaginative and not difficult... All you'll ever need to know about Pork."—BBC Good Food Magazine

"Montbéliard sausage [...] looks irresistible, as do all the 150 recipes in this book... Pork fillet with herbs and petit pois [...] is the kind of thing you dream about on the way home from the office."—The Daily Telegraph

"Adore the faintly girly pink-gingham padded cover... The book (a brilliant gift) is about all the things we love: raising beasts respectfully on decent land, making even a ham sandwich something to delight in... Terrific sources list – 'Piggy People We Like'; divine illustrations, and wit."—Mail on Sunday

"A great pig adventure... A beautiful book, warm-hearted and full of character... The pages are full of dishes that you want to cook – food for family and friends – as opposed to inaccessible restaurant dishes... Reynaud is a delightful writer and a true character... Alongside the photographs are hundreds of gorgeous illustrations of pigs – jumping, eating and rolling."—Independent on Sunday

"Full of the kickiest, porkiest hand-drawn illustrations; beautiful food photography; fabulous pictures of pork products; expansive recipes; and informative lexicons of sausages and hams, it is so fun!"—Seattle Times

"Not since Fergus Henderson's Nose to Tail Eating (from the chef and owner of St. John in London) has a book inspired me more to cook up a batch of braised pig ears or make my own bacon. Pork & Sons is a must buy for any swine lover."—Epicurious.com

"With its pink gingham cover, stunning photography and humorous doodles of pigs, Pork & Sons has won over even the squeamish... [It's] not just about food: it's a glimpse into the daily life of rural France, part memoir, part social history."—The Sydney Morning Herald

About the author(s)
Stéphane Reynaud belongs to the third generation of a family of pork devotees. The grandson of a village butcher on the Ardèche plateau in France, where they take their pork very seriously. Stéphane is owner of Villa 9 Trois in Montreuil, near Paris, a highly-regarded restaurant that specialises in pork.

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