I Know How To Cook

The bible of traditional French home cooking, with 1,400 recipes.

Ginette Mathiot


Price: USD$49.95



  • The bible of traditional French home cooking, I Know How to Cook is to France what The Silver Spoon is to Italy
  • A best-seller since its first publication in 1932, with millions of copies sold in France, it is now available in English for the first time
  • Reveals all the secrets of good, simple French cooking, the foundations of modern cuisine
  • Contains more than 1,400 authentic, simple and easy-to-follow recipes, fully updated for modern kitchens by experts in classic French cooking
  • French bistro food has grown hugely in popularity, and I Know How to Cook demonstrates how easy and accessible classic dishes like boeuf bourguignon and tarte tatin can be


About the author(s)
Ginette Mathiot (1907–1998), Officier de la Legion d'Honneur, taught three generations how to cook in France and is the ultimate authority on French home cooking. She wrote more than 30 best-selling cookbooks, covering all subjects in French cuisine. Je sais cuisiner was her definitive, most comprehensive work, which brings together recipes for every classic French dish.


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