A colourful and sumptuous celebration of West Indian Creole cooking.

Babette de Rozières


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  • The original fusion food of the West Indies, Creole cuisine perfectly represents the growing popularity of this style of cooking
  • Contains the best recipes from the region for tasty and quick-to-prepare dishes that reflect the cultures of the many different nations that have influenced creole cooking, including Spain, France, India and Africa
  • Every recipe is illustrated with a specially commissioned photograph and these are combined with images that evoke the landscape, colours and people of the Caribbean
  • Written by an acclaimed authority on West Indian creole cooking


About the book

Creole is a vibrant celebration of this unique and much-loved style of cooking. The heritage of French, Spanish and African settlers, Creole cookery takes the best of these cuisines and combines them with Asian and Indian influences and native West Indian ingredients to produce a style of cooking that is rich in history and full of flavour.

Containing over 160 recipes and including some of the most famous West Indian Creole dishes, from fish and shellfish dishes to cooling punches and frappes, Creole paints an evocative picture of the food in Guadeloupe and is bursting with the sun, freshness and energy of the Caribbean.


About the author(s)
Born in Guadeloupe, Babette learned the complexities of Creole cooking from her Grandmother and from there began her love affair with West Indian cuisine. Now a celebrity TV chef in France, she is the owner of the famous restaurant Le Table de Babette in Paris, where she offers her customers the delights of Creole cooking.

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