Gothic & Lolita

Gothic & Lolita charts the current trend of Gothic fashion that has swept Japan.

Masayuki Yoshinaga and Katsuhiko Ishikawa


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  • The Japanese fashion phenomenon, born in the underground clubs of Tokyo and Osaka, has now made its way onto the streets
  • Eccentric fashions, inspired by western Gothic, Victoriana and Rococo style have taken on a cultish following 
  • From the same family as Phaidon’s bestselling Fruits and Fresh Fruits, this is a new and exclusive collection of photographs taken in the downtown areas of Harajuka and Akihabara, by the cult photographer Masayuki Yoshinaga (b.1964)
  • Hundreds of teenagers pose for the camera in their imaginative and often surreal outfits and offer personal insights into the ideas behind their personal fashion choices
  • A mixture of high fashion and homemade items, their creations provide inspiration to professional and would-be designers, as well as teenagers and ‘Gothic’ fans


About the author(s)

Masayuki Yoshinaga is one of the leading fashion and reportage photographers of his generation, his images have appeared in such magazines as Dazed & Confused and The Face. His work was recently shown in the Barbican Art Centre's Jam exhibition and at the Dazed & Confused Gallery in London. He lives in, and continues to investigate, the subcultures of Tokyo.


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