Yesterday the World Changed, Now it's Your Turn

An essential guide to the digital media revolution.

Mike Walsh


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About the book
Futuretainment: Yesterday the World Changed, Now it's Your Turn is about what will happen next in the world of music, movies, television and games. This is not a book about technology, it is about how the new media revolution will be driven by radical changes in consumer behavior. From the wild copyright warzones of Asia to the newly colliding forces of Silicon Valley and Hollywood, the media landscape is being reshaped by audiences more connected than ever before. Movies, TV programs, music, books and newspapers – nothing will ever be the same. Understanding the new rules of engagement will be essential for both success and survival. Entertainment and broadcasting are now in the hands of the consumer, rather than the media executive. The 23 insights in Futuretainment will reveal what this means for the future of entertainment.


About the author(s)
Mike Walsh is an experienced media commentator and trend analyst, specialising in the advance of new technology and changes in consumer behaviour. Constantly travelling the world for the best ideas, consumer innovations and disruptive technologies, he has previously held a number of senior strategic posts at major media corporations in both Australia and Asia.