The only international guide to contemporary graphics juried and described by ten of the world's leading designers and critics.

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About the book
Area_2 is the second volume in the graphics version of Phaidon's award-winning series of curated compendiums, which includes Cream, Fresh Cream, Blink, 10x10, 10x10_2, and Spoon. Covering all manifestations of printed graphics created by the world's most visionary designers, Area_2 presents the posters, books, magazines, typography, packaging, and ephemera that has influenced visual culture over the past five years.

In The Press

"As simple and effective as the original... Area_2 also widens its catch beyond just print media [...] providing a pretty thorough overview of the graphic design scene today."—Creative Review

"A substantial book, impressive in its scope and ambition... Area_2 is undoubtedly a cut above - a model in how to curate, organise and present graphic design in book form."—Design Week

"A sumptuous feast of graphic abundance... A hefty compendium of new and compelling graphic design... If you want to know what's hip, smart and fresh in international graphic design, here’s a surefooted guide... A fizzing cocktail of work from Asia, Europe Japan and USA, but also from Brazil, Cuba, Korea, Iran, Israel, Mexico and Nigeria."—Icon

About the author(s)

Ruedi Baur is a graphic designer, educator, and the principal of Integral Ruedi Baur et Associes, located in Paris. Irma Boom is an award-winning book designer and educator, based in Amsterdam. James Goggin is founder and principal of the London-based design studio Practise. Julia Hasting is an award-winning book designer and the art director of Phaidon Press, New York. Ellen Lupton is a renowned design writer, educator, and curator, based in Baltimore, Maryland. Saki Mafundikwa is a designer, educator, and the founder of ZIVA, Zimbabwe's first graphic design and new media college. Jan Middendorp is a Dutch design writer and designer working in Berlin. Dan Nadel is the art director and publisher of the award-winning visual culture studio PictureBox Inc., located in Brooklyn, New York. Brett Phillips is principal of 3 Deep Design, located in Melbourne, Australia. Keiichi Tanaami is a renowned graphic designer and creative artist based in Tokyo.

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