Paris: Portrait of a City

A pocket-sized book that celebrates the hidden secrets of Paris.

With texts by Ben Weinreb and Fiona Biddulph, and photographs by Matthew Weinreb


Price: USD$9.95

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About the book
Over the centuries, Paris has enjoyed a reputation as a city at the forefront of architecture and urban planning. Its grand boulevards and parks, its classical proportions, its towers and palaces imprint themselves on the memories of the many visitors to this most imposing of cities. Prize-winning photographer Matthew Weinreb turns his expert eye to the rich fa├žades of the French capital, throwing a new and startling light on even the most familiar sites. Like his highly individual portrait of London, this visual essay revisits the monuments and icons, and elevates the everyday images of the city. Issued in a miniature pocket-sized format, and at an incredible price, Paris: Portrait of a City is a powerful celebration of the buildings and their features, punctuated by anecdotal essays about centuries of Parisian architectural history.


About the author(s)

Ben Weinreb, father to photographer Matthew Weinreb, is co-author of The Encyclopedia of London and owns an internationally renowned architectural bookshop next door to the British Museum.

Fiona Biddulph is a writer specializing in art, architecture and interior design.

Matthew Weinreb, a native Londoner and prize-winning photographer, specializes in architecture, interiors and city spaces. He has recieved commissions from many of the leading design and architectural firms, and was the first recipient of the prestigious 'Tectonic Award' for the best work in architectural photography.

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