Danny Lyon: Inside Kathy's Apartment
Danny Lyon: Three Young Men
Elliott Erwitt: New York, 1969
Elliott Erwitt: Fifth Avenue, New York, 1947
Elliott Erwitt: Marilyn Monroe, New York, 1956
Elliott Erwitt: Paris, 1989
Elliott Erwitt: Provence, France, 1955
Jeff Wall: Fortified Door, 2008
Luc Tuymans: The Worshipper, 2004
Martin Parr: Badminton Horse Trials, Gloucestershire
Martin Parr: Steep Lane Baptist Chapel, Yorkshire, 1978
Nan Goldin: Guido floating, Levanzo, Sicily, 1999
Nan Goldin: Jen's hand on Clemen's back, Paris, 2001
Nan Goldin: Valérie in the taxi, Paris, 2001
Nedko Solakov: Fear 999
Nobuyoshi Araki: Untitled (1997)
Nobuyoshi Araki: Untitled (Kaori, 2004)
Pawel Althamer: Nomo from Mars, 2011
Rene Burri: Pablo Picasso, Villa la Californie, Cann
Roger Ballen: Boarding House (2008)
Roger Ballen: Contemplation (2008)
Stephen Shore: Badlands Monument
Stephen Shore: July 22, 1969
Tacita Dean: 66 DEAD 4/5 leafed clovers, 2008
Wilhelm Sasnal: Untitled, 2011

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