What Does Baby Want?

This baby is not comforted by a teddy bear or toy. This baby wants only one thing: milk!

Tupera Tupera


Price: USD$12.95

This baby is not comforted by a teddy bear or toy. This baby wants only one thing: milk!

When baby is hungry, neither his teddy bear, his ball, nor even his shiny tambourine will soothe him. This tribute to the nursing baby - and even more so, to the breastfeeding mother - will read as conventional to babies and toddlers but as taboo-busting to parents. Celebrate the natural magic of growing a baby with this simply worded, expertly illustrated, and shockingly honest shaped board book. Perfect for nursing babies, older siblings, and expectant parents. A sure-to-be favorite baby shower gift!


Format: Board Book
Size: 195 x 200 mm (7 5/8 x 7 7/8 in)
Pages: 22 pp
Illustrations: 22 illustrations
ISBN: 9780714874074

Tupera Tupera is the award-winning Tokyo-based husband-and-wife design team of artists Tatsuya Kameyama and Atsuko Nakagawa. In addition to producing humorous, colourful, and highly original picture books and illustrations, they spread their talents across a wide variety of creative fields, including crafts, workshops, set design, animation, merchandise, and children's television. They have published over thirty children's books in Japan. This is their fifth book in English.

2017 Board Books Worth Noting, School Library Journal

"Completely developmentally appropriate and fits with the pro-breast-feeding message most doctors advocate. All-around brilliant."—Kirkus STARRED Review

"Tupera's board book is the kind of surprising, canny offering that makes you wonder how no one else did it first... Very well done, and something you don't see every day. Unless you do."—Booklist

"My favorite book of the year: What Does Baby Want?... Because for many older siblings, this... is a daily reality. One they've undoubtedly never seen replicated in their literature before."—Betsy Bird @FuseEight

"What an honest and breastfeeding-positive message!"—5 Minutes for Mom

"You'll notice a distinctive difference about new board book What Does Baby Want? by Japanese design duo Tupera Tupera, which tells the story of a hungry baby and his breastfeeding mother. Perfect for reading aloud to nursing babies and their older siblings."—Baby London

"At a time when breastfeeding in public can still court reproach, this is a joyful, cheeky, and candid expression of one of the most elemental ways that mothers nurture their children."—Publishers Weekly

"An utterly fantastic little board book with an innovative 'round' design that plopped into our review pile, making us both giggle and 'awww' at the same time. A really lovely 'first book' for a new baby, as mums and dads settle into a routine and (hopefully) make reading aloud to their little ones a part of that too." —Read It Daddy

"Entertaining ... a light hearted and extremely funny story about breast feeding. Highly appealing and playful... A great little gift for baby showers!" —South Wales Evening Post

"Cut in an unusual circular shape, it tells the story of an unhappy baby and a mama trying to find out what he wants. Brilliantly illustrated, the book features a spread of a pair of boobs, which my children found hilarious, but it's so nice to see breastfeeding normalised in a baby book! It also has close-ups of the baby's face that babies will be instantly drawn to. A sweet gift for a new nursing mama and her little one." —BambinoGoodies.co.uk

"Beautifully illustrated and really simply explains "what baby wants" and the concept of breastfeeding... Goes through all the things baby could want to stop them crying, ending with a feed... I particularly love the third to last page which is just an illustration of two boobs, I mean why should we shy away from them, for a lot of people they feed and nourish their baby and shouldn't be something we're embarrassed to whip out or talk about."—What Sophie Sees blog

"This book looks at a common part of many babies' lives that is rarely discussed in children's literature - breastfeeding. Told with humour, and illustrated with simple, bright drawings and minimal text, it shows the common sight of a hungry baby who will only be satisfied when he eats. The round design is an unusual and interesting format, while the sturdy pages are easy for little fingers to turn."—BookTrust.org

"Made me laugh out loud."—Justine Crow, of the The Bookseller Crow bookshop, London, Families South East London Magazine

"Thoughtfully worded and refreshingly honest... This innovative book is perfect for nursing babies and their older siblings, for parents and parents-to-be, and for every child who has a doll to feed... Smart and whimsical."—Mummy Matters Blog

"Great and so relatable if you have a daughter like mine!"—The Mummy Adventure

"The design of the book is amusing because when open it resembles two breast-shaped rounds and it provides a handy tool for parents to explain to young ones why their younger sibling might be rather noisy and unwilling to settle down... As World Breastfeeding Week approaches (1-7 August), this little book is a great conversation starter and, let's be honest, the topic certainly has the potential to polarise opinion among nursing mothers and parents in general."—Mother Distracted blog

"This round-shaped board book is completely innovative... Babies and young toddlers will learn a little about anticipation, surprise, empathy and prediction, all elements of growth, and they will giggle at the expressive faces. This will be funny to adults... [A] brilliant baby shower gift that fits with the pro-breast-feeding message most doctors advocate. It's also just a hip, fun book for mama-baby bonding."—Lee Littlewood, Kid's Home Library, Creators Syndicate

"This board book about breastfeeding wins baby shower gift of the year!... A winner... If you have a friend with a great sense of humor, it will garner huge laughs at her baby shower, guaranteed."—Cool Mom Picks

"Breastfeeding is one of the most important things in many babies lives, yet until now I’ve never seen it featured in a children’s books. What Does Baby Want? [...] features breastfeeding in a simple and relatable way, with a short story for young babies to enjoy... It’s definitely time to start normalising breastfeeding in our society, and books like this can only help to get that message across, starting with young children... Thoughtfully worded and refreshingly honest."—InThePlayRoom blog

"A great gift for anyone who has a little bit of a sense of humor."—Motherhood Moment

"This breastfeeding baby book is epic... Tupera Tupera’s breastfeeding-friendly baby book What Does Baby Want? will make both mommy and baby giggle at bedtime."—Well Rounded NY

"[I]mpeccably designed and beautifully illustrated... This book is brilliantly crafted, from the shape to the way the way the text is composed... A super fun read aloud that allows for a conversation around something often unacknowledged between mother and child, the physical act of breastfeeding."—Let's Talk Picture Books

"What Does Baby Want? is an unusual, sensitive and original board book featuring a scenario of a hungry baby and a breastfeeding mother. Created by Japan’s top design duo, Tupera Tupera, the text and brightly coloured illustrations are thoughtful and honest. Together with the fun circular format of the book it refreshingly portrays a subject that hardly ever appears in children’s literature. Ideal as a first 'baby book' and for engaging with older siblings with its gentle and humorous way of introducing the most natural thing of all – 'breastfeeding'."—OutsideInWorld.org

"I love it when a book leaves me stunned (in a good way). Pushing the envelope. Pushing boundaries. Pushing buttons. Here’s to children’s books that expand our assumptions of what a children’s book can be."—100 Scope Notes, SLJ blog

"Very visual and entertaining... Yes, there is a spread of a pair of breasts, in proud appreciation of what breasts provide... Great to read with babies and toddlers as a fun story as well as helping understand the joys of breastfeeding."—Juno


"Completely developmentally appropriate and fits with the pro-breast-feeding message most doctors advocate. All-around brilliant."—Kirkus STARRED Review

"Tupera's board book is the kind of surprising, canny offering that makes you wonder how no one else did it first... Very well done, and something you don't see every day. Unless you do."—Booklist

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