Bugs at Christmas

The little bugs have all met up to plan the Christmas celebrations but each of them has his own idea of the right way to celebrate Christmas

Beatrice Alemagna


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  • The little bugs have all met up to plan the Christmas celebrations but each of them has his own idea of the right way to celebrate Christmas
  • Find out what happens when each bug tries to dictate his Christmas tradition to everyone else
  • Written and illustrated by Beatrice Alemagna, whose charming style of texture, appliqué and collage has never before been used in children’s books
  • A simple narrative with lovable characters that celebrates the various traditions and the joy of being together at Christmas
  • Bugs at Christmas is one in a series of books by Beatrice Alemagna about the adventures of the little bugs. Other titles: Bugs in a Blanket (June 2009); Bugs in the Garden (August 2011), The Bug Next Door (April 2012)


About the book
Christmas is fast approaching in the blanket where the little bugs live. They have all met up to plan the Christmas Eve celebrations. But each of them has his own idea of what is be the right way to celebrate Christmas: for Little Fat Bug, only food matters while in Little Yellow Bug’s family, everyone gather to sing songs. But our little friends will soon find out that there isn’t only one way to celebrate Christmas and that the most important of all is to be with the people you love.

Told with enduring and lovable characters, this story teaches young children about difference, tolerance and identity. Alemagna approaches these themes in a manner that is simple and fun, using repetitive language to make the story both comical and accessible for pre-school children.

The little book is also unique for its stunning visual style. In fact, Beatrice Alemagna invented a whole new technique of illustration specifically for these books. She experimented and searched until she found a technique that would effectively evoke the “hairiness” and the warmth of the little bugs using a felted wool technique and an amalgam of appliqué, fabrics and stitching. This creates a surprisingly cosy and texture-rich world that reminds the reader of the wool of an old blanket.


About the author(s)
Beatrice Alemagna made her first picture book at the age of eight and has since published over 20 books for children. She is a consummate storyteller who creates intimate and imaginative tales where words and pictures meld together seamlessly. Her techniques of illustration vary depending on the story of each book, but range from pencil and paint to collage and embroidery. Born in Bologna, Italy in 1973, Beatrice lives and works in France.


Architizer: A+ Awards 2015
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