Roman Polanski

Essential introductions to the work of the world’s greatest directors

David Ehrenstein


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  • Essential introductions to the work of the world’s greatest directors
  • Comprehensive, authoritative, yet concise and accessible monographs on leading figures in the history of cinema
  • Organized chronologically, from the director’s earliest works to their most recent films
  • Clear and insightful texts written by some of the world’s most respected specialists – film critics, journalists and scholars
  • Richly illustrated with 100 images, including film stills, set photographs, film sequences and posters, some of which have rarely been seen before
  • Useful guide to the seminal films of the best directors
  • Includes a detailed biography, filmography and plot summaries


About the book
Roman Polanski (born 1933) is a French–Polish film director, producer, writer and actor, who stands as one of the most influential directors living today.

A truly international filmmaker, Polanski has received numerous awards, including the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival and five Oscar nominations.

Polanski has tackled many genres, including the horror film (Rosemary's Baby, 1968), film noir (Chinatown, 1974), historical drama (Tess, 1979), and, more recently, the war film The Pianist (2002), about the holocaust, and the thriller The Ghost Writer (2010).

Polanski has also directed some of the most talented actresses of our time, including Catherine Deneuve, Mia Farrow and Kate Winslet.

Polanski's films are dominated by a sense of claustrophobia and deal with the existential themes of loneliness, fear and uneasiness.


About the author(s)
David Ehrenstein is a film critic based in Los Angeles. He has regularly contributed to many magazines, including Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, Rolling Stone, Positif, and Sight & Sound.


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