Federico Fellini

Masters of Cinema

An essential introduction to one of the world’s greatest directors.

Àngel Quintana


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About the book
Essential introductions to the work of the world’s greatest directors

Comprehensive, authoritative, yet concise and accessible monographs on leading figures in the history of cinema

Organized chronologically, from the director’s earliest works to their most recent films

Clear and insightful texts written by some of the world’s most respected specialists – film critics, journalists and scholars

Richly illustrated with 100 images, including film stills, set photographs, film sequences and posters, some of which have rarely been seen before

Useful guide to the seminal films of the best directors

Includes a detailed biography, filmography and plot summaries


About the author(s)
Àngel Quintana teaches the history and theory of cinema at the University of Girona (Spain). He also writes on film for Cultura/s, El Punt, and the Spanish edition of Cahiers du cinéma.

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