Winslow Homer

An American Vision

A fresh interpretation of this popular artist's life and works.

Randall C Griffin


Price: USD$75.00



  • Monograph charting the entire career of Winslow Homer (1836–1910), one of the most important American painters of the late 19th century
  • From his early beginnings documenting the American Civil War to his dramatic British marine scenes and sparkling Caribbean watercolours
  • Illustrates every major painting, from his watercolours and a selection of his lesser-known woodcuts and lithographs
  • The author's informative and accessible style makes this the perfect introduction to this artist for general readers and his fresh interpretations of Homer's life and works will make fascinating reading for subject specialists


About the author(s)
Randall C. Griffin is Associate Professor and Chair of the Division of Art History, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas. Professor Griffin is an authority on Homer, with extensive research and teaching experience of the subject, and he is the author of the recently published, scholarly volume Homer, Eakins and Anschutz: the Search for American Identity in the Gilded Age (Penn. State Press), which has received very favourable reviews.


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