Last Supper

A rich collection of over 100 images of the Last Supper.

Conceived and edited by Phaidon Editors


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About the book

The Last Supper is not only one of the most intensely dramatic episodes in the Gospels, but also has enormous symbolic significance as the origin of the central Christian ritual of the Eucharist or Holy Communion. With its large cast of characters and its underlying theme of betrayal, it has been a tirelessly compelling subject for a diversity of artists throughout the centuries.

Presented here in a chronological sequence are over 100 of the finest representations of the subject, each demonstrating how the artist has responded to the complex challenge of creating a convincing group of individual personalities, and expressing the relationships between them.

Like its companion volumes Annunciation, Crucifixion and Descent, Last Supper presents a focused meditation on a single theme that is infinitely rich, allowing the viewer to appreciate the nuances of character and the endless skill with which artists have created new masterpieces out of old materials. Whether one focuses on the religious mystery, the human drama or the marvellous skill of the artist, these uncluttered and simply presented works of art provide endless food for thought and contemplation.

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"This little Phaidon series... has been executed with rare intelligence. The images (well produced) come from all over the world, supreme masterpieces rubbing shoulders with surprising and magnificently chosen obscurities."—Neil McGregor, Director of the British Museum, World of Interiors

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