The Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture

Travel Edition

The best works of contemporary world architecture in an ultra-convenient format.

Conceived and edited by Phaidon Editors


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  • For everyone who owns the comprehensive edition of The Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture, here is its companion to throw in your suitcase or put in your pocket
  • Contains a condensed version of the information in the comprehensive edition with additional city maps to assist in the identification and location of each building
  • Features the same 1,052 buildings with one image per project, as well as addresses and telephone numbers to facilitate locating and visiting the buildings
  • Clearly indicates which buildings may be visited either on the exterior only or both on the interior and exterior, and whether an appointment is required


About the book

The travel edition of The Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture presents all of the best works of architecture completed in the last five years in an ultra-convenient mini format - perfect for the holiday or business traveller.

Each of the 1,052 projects taken from the comprehensive edition is illustrated by a single image and accompanied by a succinct description. The project entry gives the name of each building and its architect, the location, address and contact details, and even potential visiting hours. There is also a system to indicate which projects are open to the public. In addition to the 42 regional maps from the comprehensive edition, there are 27 new city maps which locate the buildings in more densely urban areas.

This travel edition of the groundbreaking Phaidon Atlas provides a unique opportunity to visit 1,052 works of contemporary architecture in all parts of the world - from the Arctic Circle to African deserts - in a moment and in any place. It is an essential companion on the travels of all those interested in gaining a first-hand understanding of contemporary architecture around the world.

In The Press

'Breathtakingly illustrated…a thrill a page…All the buildings included date from 1998 or later so it is a genuine survey of contemporary architecture…For anyone wishing to see modern wonders on his travels as well as ancient ones this book is a brilliant guide, including many places that are destinations in their own right.' (The Times)

'The modern wonders of the building world…Think of it as a Lonely Planet guide with more 3D elevations and less crap about taxi scams and bilharzia. Impressive…' (Arena)

'An extraordinarily thorough 'best of' exercise…What makes it different from dozens of other books offering the same thing is its ambition and its details…packed with interesting stuff. I could rifle through it for days. Full marks for having drawings that explain the pictures…the scale of this work, and the accessibility of its design, is such that is deserves a wider audience.' (The Sunday Times)

'The only global look at cutting-edge building that's available between two covers…[a] compendium of cool.' (Newsweek)

'For architects, students and the general enthusiast, this titanic tome is an essential source of reference.' (V&A)

'An unparalleled resource for anyone interested in the cutting edge of architecture…A must for every bookshelf.' (IDFX)

'The perfect source book.' (Wallpaper*)

'Wonderful' (Elle Decoration)

'The new Phaidon Atlas is an amazing adventure. Never have I seen more works of architecture from around the world so extensively documented. This Atlas which covers the globe is a must-have for architecture students and professionals alike, as it documents work built from Iceland to New Zealand.' (Richard Meier, architect)

'Move over Bannister Fletcher, there's a new book in town.' (Aaron Betsky, Director of Netherlands Architecture Institute)

'It's a fascinating education for those of us who build or care about making architecture.' (Hani Rashid, Architect and Designer, Asymptote)

'What a brilliant resource.' (David Adjaye, architect)

'Unique, definitive and authoritative, the Atlas demonstrates that architecture is a truly global phenomenon.' (Deyan Sudjic, Curator and Critic)

'A wonderful resource on architecture.' (Bob Emmerson, Chairman, Arup Group)

'A first-class ticket.' (Will Alsop, architect)

About the author(s)


Architizer: A+ Awards 2015
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