The Future of Architecture Since 1889

A comprehensive and far-ranging single-volume history of twentieth-century architecture

Jean-Louis Cohen


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About the book
Truly far-ranging – both conceptually and geographically – The Future of Architecture Since 1889 is a rich, compelling history that may well influence future thinking about this period for years to come. Jean-Louis Cohen, one of today’s most distinguished architectural historians and critics, gives an authoritative and compelling account of the twentieth century, tracing an arc from industrialization through computerization, and linking architecture to developments in art, technology, urbanism and critical theory. Encompassing both well-known masters and previously neglected but significant architects, this book also reflects Cohen’s deep knowledge architecture across the globe, and in places such Eastern Europe and colonial Africa and South America that have rarely been included in histories of this period.

This comprehensive history is richly illustrated not only with buildings, projects and plans, but also with publications, portraits, paintings, diagrams, film stills, and exhibitions, showing the immense diversity of architectural thought and production throughout the twentieth century.

In The Press

"The work of the intelligent and erudite Jean-Louis Cohen... Cohen also weaves a richer fabric than earlier historians. His book engages with politics and events, and does not shirk the horrors of the century... It is visually rich (there must have been some heroic image research), including appropriate magazine covers and promotional posters, as well as the usual photographs and drawings of buildings. It deserves, in short, to be the standard work on the subject from now on."—The Observer

"Few architectural historians are as lucid and insightful as Jean-Louis Cohen, and this magisterial survey distills his encyclopedic knowledge of the highways and byways of modernism... This is a must-have for architects, students, and anyone who cares about the environment."—Form

"Cohen shows flashes of brilliance in exploring how architectural ideas adapt and travel... Part of Jean-Louis Cohen's strength as a thinker is the way he traces the transfer of architectural ideas rather than simple aesthetics... The best architectural historian writing today. Woven through this grander text on the avant-garde in architecture are fascinating smaller narratives... Cohen is most adept at explaining how architectural ideas are conceived through buildings. He is strong too, in a way that most academics are not, on the process of construction-while still reconciling this industrial process to the way in which a drawing style can convey a desired atmosphere in a future building... using different visual material, drawings, sketches and the like does give one a sense of the transfer of information rather than the endless repetition of architectural spectacle that such books can turn into."—Icon

"As ever with this brilliant French critic, a stimulating and informative read." —

"This is a must-have for architects, students and anyone who cares about the built environment." — (US)

"A comprehensive, cross-cultural history of the modern building..." —Elle Decor (US)

"An outstanding primer to modernism, which has the insights and detours to make it interesting to the knowledgeable as well as the beginner. Wonderfully illustrated, wide-ranging, and with a beautiful dust jacket too." —Financial Times

"The Future of Architecture is the best comprehensive history of modernism to appear in a generation." —The New York Review of Books

About the author(s)
Jean-Louis Cohen is one of the most authoritative historians of twentieth-century architecture and urbanism. He is the Sheldon H. Solow Professor in the History of Architecture at the Institute of Fine Arts of NYU University. An articulate writer, popular lecturer, commentator for the French media, and leader of research teams, Cohen has received many honors and is the author of numerous books and articles about nearly every aspect of how modernization has affected the built environment.

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