Modern House 2

A survey of the world's most innovative and inspiring modern residential architecture.

Clare Melhuish


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  • A survey of the world's most innovative and inspiring contemporary houses of the 1900s, following the format of Phaidon's hugely popular Modern House
  • Documents houses by architects and practices such as Foster and Partners, Williams and Tsien, Gunter Behnisch, Patkau Architects, SANAA, Herzog + de Meuron, Marcos Acayaba and Gabriel Poole
  • Organized in five thematic chapters covering contemporary issues, such as ecological concerns, building in isolated areas, building in dense cities
  • A truly international selection of houses from North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Japan, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand

In The Press
'Love or loathe modern architecture, you can't deny this is an impressive book.' (Self-Build)
'They should give out free spittoons with this book. After a few minutes gawping at the pictures in Modern House 2 you'll find a small pool of drool hanging from your lip. After a few minutes more you will have turned a fetching shade of green. If only we could all live in a modern house…See many definitive houses of the 90s…Feel free to daydream but try not to embarrass yourself.' (Guardian)

'Due to the clarity and candour of the author's mind, you might call this volume hunky-dory, with its fine photographs and production values we expect to find from Phaidon…Melhuish's assiduous choice of material and her accompanying comments gave me hope what might happen in the next decade…Were I a young married parent toying with the idea of building a house, or especially an aspiring architecture student, I would hug anyone giving me this book for Christmas. It is so full of ideas about people as they happen to be, which is why I described Melhuish's choice as assiduous.' (Architects' Journal)

'Well-illustrated and intelligently compiled…Modern House 2 is…excellent, both as a source book and as a broad brush survey of current architectural trends.' (Royal Institute of British Architects)
'A highly enlightening book.' (Frame, Netherlands)

About the author(s)
Clare Melhuish is an architectural critic and anthropologist specializing in modern architecture and cultural identity. She is the author of the Phaidon monograph Odile Decq: Benoît Cornette (1996) and Editor of Architecture and Anthropology (AD Profile 124, Academy Editions, 1996). She has written extensively for the Architectural Press and other publications since the mid-1980s.


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