3,000 Years of Design, Engineering and Construction

An unprecedeented survey of building engineering history in the Western world.

Bill Addis


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  • A comprehensive survey of the history of engineering design and innovation in the Western world from ancient Egyptian times to the present
  • Unprecedented in subject and scope, covering engineering design, technologies and materials, treatises and literature, drafting and measuring, among other topics
  • Organized chronologically and follows key developments and achievements in building techniques over the centuries, from Egypt to Greece and Rome through the Gothic era, the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, and today's digital modelling
  • Includes more than 800 photographs, archival drawings, and specially commissioned diagrams, many from rare and hard-to-find sources
  • Focuses on the people and buildings that changed the history of engineering, from Vitruvius and the Parthenon to Sir Christopher Wren, Fazlur Khan, the Sydney Opera House, and the latest 'green' skyscrapers  
  • Includes a glossary, extensive bibliography, appendices on iron and reinforced concrete, and index
  • A must-have reference book for students and young professionals in engineering and architecture


About the author(s)
William Addis is a consulting engineer at Buro Happold in London and the author of numerous books, academic papers, and book reviews on construction history published over the past 25 years. He holds a doctorate degree in the history and philosophy of engineering from the University of Reading, where he taught this subject for 15 years; he has also delivered lecture courses on engineering history at Cambridge University, the University of Bath, and University College, London. In 1998, he helped curate the exhibition "The Art of the Engineer" at the Pompidou Centre in Paris and contributed to the book that accompanied the exhibition. Addis is an active member of the Institution of Structural Engineers' History Study Group and lectures at professional conferences around the world.


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