Architecture of Truth

The Cistercian Abbey of Le Thoronet

A pictorial tribute to one of the wonders of 12th-century architecture.

Photographs by Lucien Hervé


Price: USD$59.95



  • A pictorial tribute to Le Thoronet Abbey in Provence, one of the wonders of 12th-century Christian monastic architecture
  • Beautiful duotone reproductions of a classic set of photographs taken in the mid-1950s by architectural photographer and artist Lucien Hervé, who used the changing effect of daylight to present the building over the course of one day
  • Includes a foreword by Le Corbusier and an essay by a monk of the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Sept-Fons, providing an insight into the Cistercian order
  • Elegant clothbound edition specially designed by architect John Pawson

In The Press
'Lucien Hervé's amazing photographs of Le Thoronet Abbey have acquired mythical status in the profession. Now, these 50s images have been excellently reproduced in Architecture of Truth.' (Architectural Review)

About the author(s)
Lucien Hervé (b.1910) is a French-Hungarian photographer, admired for his architectural photographs, in particular those of buildings by Le Corbusier.


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