VII photojournalist John Stanmeyer finds a solution to malnutrition in Mexico

Médecins Sans Frontières and VII Photo Agency create a new visual identity for global malnutrition


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The photojournalist John Stanmeyer travelled to Oaxaca State in Mexico to see the government run Oportunidades Program combating malnutrition for the documentary project Starved for Attention - a collaboration between the photographers of the renowned photojournalist agency VII and one of the leading humanitarian organisations, Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

"In Oaxaca State alone 52% of state is enrolled in the Oportunidades Program," Stanmeyer explains of the four billion dollar a year program funded by the Mexican government.

"It's locals helping locals. It's not a foreign entity or foreigners having to come in to do what the local population couldn't do themselves - caring for malnutrition before you're born and throughout your whole life."

Using photography and documentary short films, Starved for Attention gives a new visual identity to malnutrition which affects nearly 195 million children across the world and emphasises the great potential for combating early childhood malnutrition.

Starved for Attention will tour the north east of the States in the weeks before World Food Day (16 October) and will be accompanied by a mobile therapeutic feeding centre to illustrate how malnutrition is treated in the field.


Follow the link to to see more of John Stanmeyer's photographs.


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