Preview Ferran Adrià's film: 'elBulli: Cooking in Progress'

A sneak peek at the film documenting the creative world of the legendary restaurant




If you missed your chance to visit elBulli, Ferran Adrià’s ambitiously experimental and brilliant restaurant, unpreteniously tucked away in Roses, Spain, before it closed at the end of July, all is not lost.

You will not, admitedly, be able to taste the 'Virgin Olive Oil Caramel Spring' or the curiously fragile 'Smoke Foam'. Nor will you, sadly, be able to experience breaking into consumable shards, a paper-thin ice sheet sprinkled with green tea, brown sugar and powdered peppermint frozen over a pool of water that made the dessert named 'Pond'.

However, with the global release of the film elBulli: Cooking in Progress on 15 September, we are granted behind the scenes access to the kitchen laboratories of scientific and culinary investigation that have made gastronomic history.

German film director Gereon Wetzel and his crew spent intense stints documenting the elBulli chefs at work over the course of 15 months in 2008 and 2009. The film shadows the team through the laborious development of their experimental menu while the restaurant is closed in winter, then follows the chefs into the busy summer season when the restaurant opened to guests.

Released in America last month, elBulli: Cooking in Progress will premiere in Europe in Germany and Ferran Adrià will attend the event, which will be held at the Film Theater Hackescher Markt in Berlin on 15 August.

Enjoy the trailer here, as the chefs work from concept to creation to push the boundaries of cooking. 


Follow the link to elBulli-the movie for more information.