Veg out at Amico Bio during National Vegetarian Week

Incorporate seasonal vegetables into your daily dishes at home or be wowed by this London restaurant's vegan menu
The National Vegetarian Society have lots of tips on eating veggie
The National Vegetarian Society have lots of tips on eating veggie


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Stella McCartney and Russell Brand have something in common - they're both vegetarians - and the Vegetarian Society are keen to make us all aware of the virtues of a vegetarian lifestyle, with or without the celebrity factor. Next week is National Vegetarian Week and whether it's trying to reduce our environmental impact or being more healthy and upping our 5-a-day, this is the opportunity to try some of the benefits of the vegetarian lifestyle (23 - 29 May). 

No matter if you're already a seasoned vegetarian or have more carnivorous tastes, you can enjoy one very satisfying meal at the London restaurant Amico Bio: "Green Thinking - Better Living", a restaurant that already specialises in vegetarian, organic, Italian food, but whose head chef Pasquale Amico is producing a special lunch menu that is totally vegan. Amico says of his cooking, "I know I’ve succeeded when I hear hardcore carnivores raving about my vegan dishes!”

For recipes to try at home, Phaidon's cookbook Vegetables from an Italian Garden is a source of tasty inspiration and offers a guide to incorporating more seasonal vegetables into everyday dishes.


Follow the link to Veggiebelly for a range of easy through to exotic vegetarian recipes.


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Vegetables from an Italian Garden

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