Sitting pretty: Alexandre Mussard's Petites Chaises

Fragility, humour and poetry in the work of Paris' 25 year old design prodigy



Galerie Antonine Catzéflis, Paris, France

Date: 17 December 2010

Alexandre Mussard: Les Petites Chaises



'Ettore Sottsass once said "A chair must be really important because my mother always told me to offer my seat to a lady."'

So says Alexandre Mussard, 25 year old art and design prodigy and member of the Hermés dynasty, whose solo show at Paris' Galerie Antonine Catzéflis (on view until 31 December) is devoted solely to the exploration - and adoration - of this simple everyday object.

Mussard developed his first chair out of twisted wire for a project while a student (he has studied Architecture and Design at the Academie Charpentier, Paris, Reims Esad, and École Camondo). Since then his 'petit chaises' have become a signature motif, with Mussard experimenting on the basic form using different subjects, materials and techniques and in various guises. 

Les Petites Chaises is the distilled result of these experiments. Miniature chairs in various materials are suspended from balloons, stacked around a model pool and squeezed out of a tap. As well as a series of larger sculptures, the show also includes a chair necklace, as worn by the artist at the exhibition opening. Pieces are for sale from €400 - €2,300.


Follow the link to Luxury Culture for a synopsis of Mussard's work and images from the show


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