Management of Art Galleries

The Global Art Gallery Report is the first and the most wide-ranging report on today's worldwide commercial art galleries. It draws on the largest survey ever done on art galleries, with data from 8,000 gallery owners in the US, UK and Germany. The report answers questions such as: how many art galleries exist worldwide? How much revenue do they make? How much profit do they generate? How many annual exhibitions do they organize? How many employees work in art galleries? What are the most profitable sectors? And what role do art fairs play for international galleries? This is the first insight of its kind, presenting a detailed and comprehensive portrait of today's gallery scene. It is a practical tool for professionals to learn more about their market, as well as for readers interested in a general market overview.

Magnus Resch is an entrepreneur, founder of the art app, and lecturer in cultural entrepreneurship. He studied economics at Harvard University and the London School of Economics, and he was awarded a PhD in economics. Articles about him have appeared in The New York Times, Forbes, Bloomberg and the Financial Times.

Magnus lives in New York City and can be reached at

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Management of Art Galleries

Management of Art Galleries

The art world is tough, the rules are a mystery, and only the lucky few make money’ – so how can galleries succeed?

What makes a commercial art gallery successful? How do galleries get their marketing right? Which potential customer group is the most attractive? How best should galleries approach new markets while still serving their existing audiences? Based on the results of an anonymous survey sent to 8,000 art dealers in the US, UK, and Germany, Magnus Resch’s insightful examination of the business of selling art is a compelling read that is both aspirational and practical in its approach.

"This book caused a furor." —Bloomberg

"Magnus Resch is the world's most controversial art economist." —Artsy

"Entertaining, necessary, in short: brilliant." —Huffington Post

"Amusing, interesting, worthwhile." —Art Magazine

"The first real handbook for art galleries." —BZ Berlin

"You may find yourself enjoying a chuckle while taking in a handful of fun facts and studies." —The Art Newspaper

"A compelling read that explores the inner workings of a very private world... A concise and well-structured book... [Resch's] classification of artists is as accurate as entertaining: superstars, mature/successful artists, local shop artists, vanity artists and poor dogs... A fascinating insight."—


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