Behind the scenes with Steve McCurry

Art director Fabio Novembre takes the Magnum photographer on a tour of his latest exhibition in Rome



Italian designer Fabio Novembre has sent us this intriguing, behind the scenes video of him and Magnum photographer Steve McCurry setting up Steve's current Rome exhibition. Designed by Novembre, the exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, is inspired by nomadic villages with the photographs displayed in pod-like structures that allow the viewer time alone with the photos. McCurry's photographs are grouped together by emotions, common threads and the ties that link people and places, rather than categorising his selections through mere place or time.

At the time, Novembre told Phaidon about his thinking behind the exhibition: "McCurry's home is everywhere but the houses in his photos are precarious, weak cellular structures like the lives of the people who inhabit them. It is exactly that suggestion that I have tried to represent within the large spaces, a layout similar to a nomad village, There is life and death in McCurry’s photos, as well as the short or long itinerary that links them.” The show runs until April 29. 

Watch the video above by Renato Cerisola to see Steve McCurry and Fabio Novembre inspect the exhibition as it came together.

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For a closer look behind the photographs follow the link to Revealed - the true story behind the Afghan 'Mona Lisa'.

For more from Steve McCurry view his memories of 9/11 and follow the link to buy Steve McCurry’s Iconic Photographs.

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