Beth Hoeckel at the edge of the world

The Baltimore-based photographer and collage artist's unusual landscapes mix people, place and perspective
Beth Hoeckel, Moonrise

1 / 18 Beth Hoeckel, Moonrise

Beth Hoeckel, Toyboat

2 / 18 Beth Hoeckel, Toyboat

Beth Hoeckel, Seabirds

3 / 18 Beth Hoeckel, Seabirds

Beth Hoeckel, Daniel

4 / 18 Beth Hoeckel, Daniel

Beth Hoeckel, Roof

5 / 18 Beth Hoeckel, Roof

Beth Hoeckel, Dusk

6 / 18 Beth Hoeckel, Dusk

Beth Hoeckel, Frond

7 / 18 Beth Hoeckel, Frond

Beth Hoeckel, Solar Eclipse

8 / 18 Beth Hoeckel, Solar Eclipse

Beth Hoeckel, Glacial

9 / 18 Beth Hoeckel, Glacial

Beth Hoeckel, Gunpowder

10 / 18 Beth Hoeckel, Gunpowder

Beth Hoeckel, Lake

11 / 18 Beth Hoeckel, Lake

Beth Hoeckel, Mirror Ball Sunset

12 / 18 Beth Hoeckel, Mirror Ball Sunset

Beth Hoeckel, Pyramid Sky

13 / 18 Beth Hoeckel, Pyramid Sky

Beth Hoeckel, Raft

14 / 18 Beth Hoeckel, Raft

Beth Hoeckel, Red Ball

15 / 18 Beth Hoeckel, Red Ball

Beth Hoeckel, Bikini

16 / 18 Beth Hoeckel, Bikini

Beth Hoeckel, Vacation

17 / 18 Beth Hoeckel, Vacation

Beth Hoeckel, Wyoming

18 / 18 Beth Hoeckel, Wyoming

Playing with the juxtaposition between foreground and background objects, Beth Hoeckel's photographs and collages are inhabited by inquisitive figures, often to be found standing on the edges of cliffs, or looking out to lakes or even into deep space. 

Hoeckel tells Phaidon she creates her collages from images she's often been saving for years. The walls of her Baltimore studio are covered in ready-cut pieces to stick together and give a good indication of the colours, shapes and imagery she's interested in at any given moment. "I almost always start with no specific idea in mind," Hoeckel tells Phaidon. "The work grows organically and intuitively and I enjoy building something out of nothing."

The collages conjure up scenes of imaginary worlds, distant lands and dream sequences which she prefers to leave to the audience to decipher. "I once found a small black and white photo of a beautiful young girl in a head scarf hugging a koala bear," she says. "It was inscribed 'once upon a time - 1961' on the back. I wish I knew the story behind that photograph."

Click through the pictures above to see more of Hoeckel's photographs and collages. Limited editions of her work are also available to buy on Cargo Collective.

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