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Robert Schlaug photographs the limits of landscape

The German photographer's new series Limited Area expresses the boundaries of human awareness
Limited Area, courtesy of Robert Schlaug


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If your computer is knocking on a bit you've possibly experienced that scary moment when the screen freezes and the image in front of you appears to be distorted, as if time has stopped but gravity has kept on going until the image in front of you appears to have melted. Well that pretty much sums up what German photographer Robert Schlaug brilliantly captures in his series Limited Area. The series portrays the limit of human experiences via everyday landscape photographs.

Limited Area

Limited Area, courtesy of Robert Schlaug


Schlaug encourages viewers to break their traditional mind-set of a landscape by provoking and encouraging a second and more thoughtful evaluation of each scene.

“In a time when one considers the possibilities of humanity unlimited, we experience its limitations on a daily basis," Schlaug tells Phaidon. "Sometimes we feel we've run into a wall or stand in front of a precipice, not knowing how to proceed further. Or suddenly there opens up before us an insurmountable wall, and we know no way out. Even our thoughts and our imagination constantly finds their limits."

Using digital manipulation, Schlaug creates uneven divides by dragging streaks of colour across each section of his photographs resulting in a visual experience that he hopes will "raise awareness in times of total sensory overload."

Limited Area

Limited Area, courtesy of Robert Schlaug


View the entire gallery for the Limited Area series above. To learn more about Robert Schlaug, you can visit his site here. And take a moment to get to know other iconic photographers with The Photography Book which showcases 500 profound images from the Royal Wedding to the first moon landing courtesy of photographic greats such as Bill Brandt, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Cecil Beaton, Robert Doisneau, Herb Ritts, Robert Capa, Josef Koudelka and Pierre et Gilles, to name a few.


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