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The well designed world of Xavier Encinas

It's always a beautiful world through the lens of the Parisian art director
Xavier Encinas, Untitled



Xavier Encinas is fast becoming one of the creative world's most interesting new names. The art director and photographer and the man behind one of our favourite blogs, Swiss Legacy, lives and works in Paris, but if you’ve already had a flick through the gallery of his photos we've put together (above) you may had already guessed that. Encina’s understated, quiet photographs are infused with a chic elegance unique to that city.

His photographs record his everyday life - from hotel breakfasts in LA and lazy picnics reading ‘Le Monde’ to drinks with friends in bustling bars, brasseries and other people places he frequents on his travels.

Xavier Encinas, Untitled photograph Xavier Encinas, Untitled photograph

The perfectly balanced compositions demonstrate an inherent appreciation for the aesthetic (honed through his work as Art Director at Petronio Associates/Self Service Magazine and Design Director at Under The Influence fashion and arts magazine), but they also have a 'snap-shot' quality which only enhances their charm. 

Unusually angled shots (often looking down on or up towards his subject) and sometimes over-exposed images come together in unusually composed photographs of everyday life, resulting in a quirky and engaging glimpse through eyes which see beauty in the mundane.


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