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American kitsch, Japanese style

Guido Castagnoli's photographs of provincial Japan appear strangely familiar
Guido Castagnoli, Amusement Structure (2007), Yaizu City, Japan


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Far from the stereotypes of contemporary Japan - the overcrowded, rapidly expanding techno-cities - Genoa based Guido Castagnoli's Provincial Japan series of photographs depict an atmosphere of quiet and calm.

The setting of Shizuoka district may be unfamiliar to western audiences but the subjects, composition and absence of people is reminiscent of the work of American photographers such as Stephen Shore - particularly in his road trip series.

Shooting his first photographs on an old family Leica camera, Castagnoli left his position as an art director at an advertising agency in Milan to pursue photography full time in 2001. His interest in advertising and signage has not decreased, as is evident by the focus of his photographs in which the use of graphics, posters and billboards predominate.


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