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The Failsafe Gift Guide - Scorsese on Scorsese

On set with one of the world's greatest filmmakers
Martin Scorsese (left) and Leonardo DiCaprio (right) on the set of The Aviator (2004)


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After watching in wonder Martin Scorsese’s fantastical Hugo with its deep focus, extreme high and low angles and sweeping 3D panoramas of a wonderfully stylised Post World War One Paris we were inspired to dive headlong into Scorsese on Scorsese which delves into the director's fabled working practices.

For 40 years critic and documentary filmmaker Michael Henry Wilson chronicled every step of Scorsese's career, bringing the results together in a beautiful hardback volume that includes hundreds of on-set photographs recording the filming of infamous classics like Raging Bull and Goodfellas. It also catalogues Scorsese's private notes, family photos, drawings, manuscripts and storyboards.

The director’s storyboards brilliantly illustrate how he imagines his films will move from one shot to the next and give a fascinating insight into the planning process behind each blockbuster movie.

Another highlight of Scorsese on Scorsese are the images of the director on-set with cast and crew during filming. The gallery above gives a glimpse inside the book and brings together our favourite shots of a cinematic genius at work.

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Scorsese on Scorsese

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