Where Chefs Eat App - great food at your fingertips

"A must for people who'll go to any lengths for a great meal - no matter how extravagant or simple" says one user
The Where Chefs Eat app
The Where Chefs Eat app




Regular Phaidon.com readers will know we launched the app version of our runaway best seller Where Chefs Eat on Monday. So far it’s got off to a cracking start with a host of five star reviews in The App Store. Here are just a few of the lines that pleased us: 

"Discerning and eclectic - a must for people like me who will go to any lengths for a great meal no matter how extravagant or simple and off the beaten path."

"I found a really cheap bistro near where I live and couldn’t believe I didn’t know about it before. Great for those kind of discoveries, can’t wait to use it abroad!"

"Just started using it while abroad – it’s made finding great places to eat much easier."

"Found an old favourite in San Francisco and I’m looking forward to using it in Singapore next month. Brilliant app for frequent travelers."

"Nice features and cool design too."

"Simply the best food app on the market. Very impressive work from a great book maker."

There was only one dissenting voice from a user on the UK site who claimed the app crashed on download. Naturally, we have tried to replicate this happening on every possible digital device in Phaidon HQ and like the hundreds of other satisfied customers who've downloaded the app in these first few days couldn't get it to crash. 

The simplicity of Where Chefs Eat is perhaps the key to its success. Like the simplest things however, its appearance and content masks the sheer amount of work that went into it. The project was a number of years in the making and saw the Phaidon team synthesise the collective culinary experience of many of the most important and revered chefs operating in the world today. Among these are the elite of the elite with whom we've published books such as: Ferran Adria, René Redzepi, Andoni Luis Aduriz, Alex Atala and Magnus Nilsson. But there are also contributions from non-Phaidon chefs such as Jason Atherton, David Chang, Heston Bluementhal, Sat Bains, Claude Bosi, Adam Byatt and Pierre Gagnaire to name but a few.

In all an incredible 400 big name chefs recommended 2,000 places to eat - quite an undertaking we're sure you'll agree. When you consider that all of them took time out from unimaginably busy schedules to contribute their thoughts to the project you'll understand why this is no ordinary restaurant guide app and why its scope, content and design has been so widely praised. That's enough trumpet blowing. 


While we have you we'd like to take the opportunity to draw you attention to a video (above) we made with the guide’s author, Joe Warwick (Joe launched the 50 Best Restaurants). In it, he talks about the background to the project and what you’ll find inside both the book – and, of course the app. Meanwhile, you can read more about how a fifties telephone book was the unlikely design inspiration for the project. Once you’ve watched the video Click here to buy the app

And if you're lucky enough to be in Cannes for the film festival in the next few days there's a great restaurant in nearby Nice we should alert you to. It's in Where Chefs Eat, it's callled La Merenda and was chosen by Mauro Colagreco, the owner of Cote d'Azur restaurant Mirazur and Argentine protegé of Passard and the late Losieau.

"Tiny and quirky, La Merenda in Nice's old town is one of a kind. Dominique Le Stanc, who previously ran the star-studde Le Chantecler, took it over in the mid-1900s as a going concern that had been serving simple Nicoise cuisine for some twenty years. He changed very little. All the cooking is done solo from the simple, open kitchen at the back. The menu, scrawled on a blackboard, is a short selection of local classics that, depending on the time of year, might include Pates au Pistou, tripes a la Nicoise and tarte aux blettes." For more recommendations like this click here to buy the app


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