Clouds, Kradat (2009)
modular partition unit, thermo compressed foam and fabric, coinjected rubberband, 500 × 10 × 300 mm, Kvadrat, Denmark

Phaidon's Christmas gift guide: not for boring old arts

Inspire someone this Christmas with Works by The Bouroullec Brothers



Since emerging in the late 1990s, Rowan & Erwan Bouroullec have established themselves as perhaps the most exciting designers of modern times, whose furniture, accessories and interior pieces have added a whole new dimension of enchantment to the world of interior design. “A chair is like a pop song”, they say, finding a potential in mundane and inanimate objects to sweeten and light up our lives.

This magnificent monograph, lavishly illustrated with photographs of their work, proceeds on a theme by theme basis, with text from design specialist Anniina Koivu. Opening chapters such as “Module” and “Systems” show how the brothers design patterns in an almost musical manner, developing from repetitions of a single element, creating structures that might qualify as pieces of mobile art in their own right did they not have so many practical applications.

Featuring interviews with collaborators, previously unpublished material and a catalogue of their work to date, this is an essential and comprehensive collection of the work of two designers who have developed an exquisite understanding of the balance between art, craft, nature and living. Buy it now.


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