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Issey Miyake: Reality Lab

The iconic designer directs an exhibition that celebrates the Japanese art of design and manufacturing
Issey Miyake + Reality Lab Project Team, 132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE (2010)



The 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT gallery in Japan, aims to turn your eye to the everyday and look at things from a design point of view. Their current exhibition, Reality Lab, is directed by acclaimed fashion designer Issey Miyake. "The job of a designer", he explains, "consists of a continual search for means by which to turn ideas into reality for those who can use them - in other words, a "Reality Lab."

The exhibition introduces the work of various designers, artists and scientists that Miyake has met whilst researching new design technologies. The Japanese designer is renowned for his pleats and origami styling, which can be seen in Jun Mitani (a computer scientist) + WOW's Spherical Origami installation in the exhibition. 

Read Colin McDowell's piece on the creative and cerebral talents of Issey Miyake and the creative circle where material meets the metaphysical.


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