Arne Jacobsen, Room 606. Royal Hotel, SAS House (1955-1960), Copenhagen, Denmark
Mesh curtains filter the daylight and obscure the views into the rooms while still allowing guests to enjoy the scenery. During the long, overcast winters that are typical in Denmark, the expanse of the glass captures the low sun and creates a chamber of warm, pale green light.

Room 606

A tribute to Arne Jacobsen's SAS House masterpiece and his vision


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The SAS House, built for the Scandinavian Airlines System in Copenhagen in 1960, is often considered Arne Jacobsen's masterwork. A synthesis of abstraction and naturalism joining domesticity and industry, the SAS building combined the modern, high-rise, luxurious hotel and an airline terminal in a way that had never been seen before.

50 years on and the SAS House is now the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel and has been completely redeveloped. Only room 606 has been carefully preserved and remains identical to Jacobsen’s original commission. The room can be seen as a microcosm, a condensed version of the whole building itself - and a tool for tracing the underlying themes of Jacobsen's career.


Room 606 at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel costs DKK 4900 per night, based upon two sharing, and includes breakfast.


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Room 606 (2003)