Designing Skyfall, the new James Bond movie

Dennis Gassner is the Oscar-winning production designer on the new Bond movie Skyfall - watch him at work
007 Production Designer Dennis Gassner
007 Production Designer Dennis Gassner




Call us shallow but we’re starting to get excited about Skyfall, the new Sam Mendes-directed James Bond film due later this year. So to brighten your Monday morning we bring you this look at the work of acclaimed Hollywood art director Dennis Gassner in a production video blog made by the team currently working on the film.

Gassner began his film career working closely with Francis Ford Coppola, first as a production assistant on Apocalypse Now (1979) and then as part of Zoetrope Studios for a few years before making his own debut as a production designer in Coppola's highly acclaimed Rumble Fish (1983). He’s since gone on to work on other major projects including the Coen Brothers' Barton Fink, Field of Dreams and The Grifters (1990). In 1991 he won an Oscar for "Best Production Design" on Bugsy. 

He was a highly touted college linebacker and was offered a try-out with the LA Rams, but he tuened down the offer in favour of continuing to study graphic design. After college he designed record covers before moving into film. The video shows how he turns set sketches into construction plans and ultimately full-size sets on the 007 soundstage in England and locations around the globe.

Commenting on his work he’s said:  “I deal in symbols. I'm the architect of the film.” As Dame Judi Dench says in the video his “attention to detail is fantastic.” When you’ve watched it don’t forget to share the link.


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