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The Failsafe Gift Guide - Andy Warhol 'Giant' Size

If you're after a big present for the big day - this one will be warmly received
Andy Warhol at Gristede's supermarket, New York (1962)
Andy Warhol at Gristede's supermarket, New York (1962)


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As Christmas gift buying can occasionally be an unwelcome challenge - pulling mental resources together to formulate an exact idea of what your loved ones' hearts might desire - we're here to help. Today we have the perfect book for any art/celebrity/photography lover to leaf through on Christmas afternoon – Andy Warhol “Giant” Size.

Over 24 years have gone by since Warhol’s death but, as perhaps the most famous artist of the 20th century, his life and work continues to be a source of endless fascination to anybody interested in art and pop culture. Andy Warhol “Giant” Size brings together the key moments, major events, people and works from the artist and filmmaker’s career.

Film stills, candid shots of Edie Sedgewick and Yoko Ono in Warhol’s infamous silver-walled Factory and photography of the artist’s over-the-top everyday life among the rock-and-rollers, drag-queens, artists and writers that made up New York’s thriving 60’s art scene – this book covers it all. There are also personal documents, newspaper clippings and letters to the artist from Mick Jagger and Elizabeth Taylor (among others) which make for fascinating reading.

We’ve put together a gallery of some of our favourite behind-the-scenes shots of the artist at work in The Factory that you’ll find in the book. This is just a small glimpse at the absolutely vast content “Giant” Size contains, an ‘amuse-bouche’, if you like.


Andy Warhol ''Giant'' Size