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The Giacometti Variations: John Baldessari's site-specific show for the Fondazione Prada

Highlights from the California-based conceptual artist's latest show
John Baldessari, The Giacometti Variations (2010)



Fusing art and fashion ('since that idea is in our zeitgeist') John Baldessari's Giacometti Variations take their inspiration from the fashion world's predilection for tall thin models and Degas' La Petite Danseuse de Quatorze Ans - the bronze model of a dancer dressed in cloth skirt and bodice - as much as from the instantly recognisable work of the Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti.

The bronze-sprayed resin works - nine in total - were created specifically for the exhibition space at the Fondazione Prada and are arranged rhythmically down the hall as though taking part in a catwalk. Each sports a different 'look', conceived and created by the Baldessari, which is rotated during the show (18 different outfits will have been exhibited by the end). The looks were inspired by a mix of sources belonging to the world of art, cinema and advertisement, from Rapunzel' s long iconic plait to Dorothy's red shoes from the Wizard of Oz with props including a giant green hula hoop and a stack of books.

The Giacometti Variations will be on view until 26 December 2010.


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