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On Kawara's date paintings explained
The Japanese conceptual artist died last week but his date paintings allow him to transcend history
Published: Monday, 14 July 2014
The Google guide to DevArt
Steve Vranakis, Executive Creative Director of Google’s Creative Lab, talks through the tech firm’s debut art show
Published: Thursday, 10 July 2014
The Empire State's twinkling tribute to Warhol
New York's best-loved art deco skyscraper honours the pop artist who made it a film star half-a-century ago
Published: Wednesday, 9 July 2014
The duo bringing Baldessari and to Arles
French artists Mazaccio & Drowilal say their exhibition Wildstyle will serve as a safari into unnatural imagery
Published: Wednesday, 9 July 2014
Putting the emotion back into art buying
Supposing it was the biggest reaction, not the biggest bid that secured you a piece of art at auction
Published: Tuesday, 8 July 2014
Does Jeff Koons still have the power to shock us?
Eileen Costello, author of our Brice Marden book, wonders whether the artist is still interested in dividing opinion
Published: Tuesday, 8 July 2014
Why does Zach Lieberman's piano play the radio?
New York digital artist explains his Google-commissioned exhibit - inspired by the music in a yellow cab
Published: Tuesday, 8 July 2014
Understanding David Smith’s Circles
A new US show of the artist’s key set of works allows gallery-goers a chance to reassess his circular works
Published: Monday, 7 July 2014
Ai Weiwei's Native American installation
Chinese artist responds to New Mexico commission with a work recalling his own exile in a similar landscape
Published: Monday, 7 July 2014
Yuri Suzuki on, Robert Moog and Jeff Mills
We catch up with the sound artist at the Barbican's Digital Revolution show
Published: Thursday, 3 July 2014
Movie making the Gilbert & George way
On the eve of a Lehmann Maupin NY show we look at how they made The World of Gilbert & George movie
Published: Thursday, 3 July 2014
Google’s Aaron Koblin on Digital Revolution
We chat to the artist, designer and leader of Google's Data Arts Team at the Barbican’s new immersive art show
Published: Wednesday, 2 July 2014
Bridget Riley by the man who knows her best
Phaidon author Richard Shiff walks you round a fantastic David Zwirner show of her Stripe Paintings
Published: Tuesday, 1 July 2014

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