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Moscow’s graffiti foreign policy

Should the Russian Foreign Ministry really try to clean up Bulgaria’s Soviet Army Monument?
Published: Monday, 1 September 2014

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The good news is Warhol painted dad's portrait...
...the bad news is it was 13 Most Wanted Men, the long lost mural from NewYork's 1964 World's Fair
Published: Friday, 29 August 2014
The Phaidon guide to art speak - Unmonumental
Decoding the language of art criticism - one knotty phrase at a time. Today, a word for scrappy sculptures
Published: Thursday, 28 August 2014
The Guggenheim goes back to Zero
The New York museum hosts the first large-scale US show dedicated to this influential German post-war group
Published: Wednesday, 27 August 2014
Understanding Anselm Kiefer’s Interior
Prior to the Royal Academy’s show, we look at one key work by the great German painter
Published: Tuesday, 26 August 2014
Paweł Althamer’s weird summer play set
Why has the Polish artist installed models of his family in an old Greek slaughter house on the island of Hydra?
Published: Friday, 22 August 2014
Impressionism: officially 141 years old
A US professor believes he’s dated the scene captured in the painting that gave its name to an art movement
Published: Thursday, 21 August 2014
Look at the river Olafur Eliasson has just built
The main work in the artist’s show at Denmark’s Louisiana Museum, brings a whole new meaning to landscape art
Published: Tuesday, 19 August 2014
The new material in Anthony Caro’s last show
Why the great British sculptor appreciated Perspex and Cezanne's Card Players during his final years
Published: Tuesday, 19 August 2014
Warhol’s film archive gets a smart digital fix
MoMA and the Warhol foundation team up with the firm behind Godzilla to save the artist’s 16mm archive
Published: Monday, 18 August 2014
Why are these nudes in the Barcelona Pavilion?
The French artist Xavier Veilhan gives the single figure in Mies' masterwork some latter-day company
Published: Monday, 18 August 2014
The Phaidon guide to art speak - Super-Hybridity
Decoding the language of art criticism - one knotty phrase at a time
Published: Friday, 15 August 2014
Ten questions for Artspace CEO Catherine Levene
The co-founder and CEO of the contemporary art website talks us through its acquisition by Phaidon, how her gran turned her on to art, the one piece she'd love to own and whether there really is an online art goldrush going on
Published: Thursday, 14 August 2014

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