Enric Ruiz-Geli, Interior of the brainstorming room complete with a CGI Adrià, elBulli Foundation

Inside elBulli Foundation HQ

A sneak peak at Ferran Adrià's new ideas centre


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Phaidon brings you the first exclusive look at the building plans for the foundation, courtesy of the architect, Enric Ruiz-Geli of Cloud 9 architects. It's a fittingly sci-fi mix of Eden Project and James Bond villain's lair, hippy idealism and 21st century technology. 

The natural stone and fauna of the area will play a big role - visually and ecologically - in the foundation's premises. The façade of the service room will be covered in local plant life. Working with Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica, Ruiz-Geli plans to embed technology in the outer skin of the proposed, Brainstorming Movie Centre.


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elBulli foundation/ Enric Ruiz Geli