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Some of the best projects by FAT Architects

The practice makes architecture a cultural activity with techniques borrowed from fine and contemporary art
FAT Architects, Islington Square, (2004-2006), Manchester, UK




The London-based architectural practice FAT (Fashion Architecture Taste) made its name with satirical installations, artistic objects and pop-collage interiors for cool advertising agencies. 

Key projects include Islington Square - a Manchester community regeneration housing scheme, which offers residents unashamedly quaint and decorative homes; the Bentley Library in the Midlands, which explores contradictory styles and reference points which change as they meet each other; the Heerlijkheid in Hoogvliet - a regeneration of the town in Rotterdam, consisting of a community villa in a landscape park.

Charles Holland of FAT explains their approach: "We borrow a lot of our techniques from fine art and contemporary art. We often use sources which are initially clearly referenced from somewhere but the overlaid meanings together give a richness, and adds a level of ambiguity that makes our architecture a more enjoyable experience."


Read the full interview with Charles Holland of FAT Architects.


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